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Calfu means blue in Mapuche language, people who lived in the región on pre-hispanic times.

Colchagua was land of small tribes who introduced the agricultura to the valley. That is why our concept is to emphatize the presence of this culture in the valley, With the decoration that takes the art of their looms.

They didn`t use the blue color in theis textiles because it is no posible to find in the nature, so it is considered a sacred and spiritual color. .

We invite you to enjoy our sacred place where you find peace and comfort in the middle of the city.


  • 7 Rooms With Private Bathroom
  • Direct TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private Parking
  • Gardens
  • Swimming Pool
  • Breakfast
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Directions to a Casa CALFU

Address: 21 de Mayo 552, Santa Cruz, VI Región, Chile.

Phone: +569 42530233 / +569 64495336

Email: contacto@casacalfu.cl

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